You might not naturally think of Disney as the home of apocalyptic fiction, but streaming service Disney+ is becoming increasingly packed with tales of societal breakdown. Not only is it where you’ll find the current War Of The Worlds series, but it’s the new home of The Walking Dead for Season 11 too – and now it’ll also play host to the live-action series adaptation of Brian K Vaughn and Pia Guerra’s comic book series Y: The Last Man. The show has been created for FX on Hulu in the US – which means its UK home is Star on Disney+, where it’ll begin streaming from September 22.

The show is set in a world where a catastrophic event has killed every mammal with a Y chromosome on Earth – except for one cisgender man, Ben Schnetzer’s Yorick, and his pet monkey Ampersand, traversing the post-apocalyptic landscape populated entirely by women (and, presumably, trans men, along with intersex and non-binary people). Check out the trailer here:

Beyond Schnetzer (who you may know from Pride), the show stars Diane Lane as Yorick’s mother Jennifer, a US senator who becomes the President in the wake of the man-pocalypse, and Dredd’s Olivia Thirlby as Jennifer’s daughter Hero. Eliza Clark is showrunner, and has written the opening episodes of the series – which has been directed in its entirety by female filmmakers.

The first season of Y: The Last Man – or The Walking Dude, as nobody is yet calling it – will consist of 10 episodes, and the first three will all drop on Star on Disney+ on 22 September, followed by weekly episodes arriving every Wednesday.

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