Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have form when it comes to confronting the supernatural in otherwise mundane environments – that was the central crux of Shaun Of The Dead and The World’s End, as well as their geeky Comic-Con comedy Paul. Now they’re bringing that same outlook to Truth Seekers, a new Amazon Prime Video series from their production company Stolen Picture. The show follows a group of British paranormal investigators, centred on Frost’s protagonist Gus – who instals broadband by day, and searches for spookiness by night. Here’s a brand new exclusive image of Frost as Gus in the show.

Truth Seekers

All of Frost and Pegg’s work has involved melding genres, and while Truth Seekers is flecked with the comedy they’re known for, it’s also leaning further into horror and mystery than their previous work – and when it comes to this kind of TV, there’s only one real benchmark. “We weren’t afraid of trying something like the British X-Files,” Frost told Empire on set. “Scale-wise, we can try something more ambitious. A lot of the comedy comes from these people being in weird situations. It’s not, ‘That ghost’s bum is out!’”

Empire October 2020 – Dune Covers

Read Empire’s Truth Seekers set report – speaking to both Frost and Pegg – in the Dune issue, on sale now, and catch the show on Amazon Prime Video later in 2020.

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