The Great was easily one of the most entertaining series of last year, with The Favourite‘s Tony McNamara created another historical comedy drama that doesn’t skew towards complete fact and yet finds the fun in some wildly accurate elements. Season 2 is headed our way in November and the first teaser promises more snappy banter between Elle Fanning‘s Catherine and Nicholas Hoult‘s Peter, and plenty of chaos.

Season 2 picks up the story started in the first, which saw Catherine arrive as the Russian emperor’s new wife, but end up launching a coup against the charismatic, petulant tyrant. To paraphrase Hamilton‘s George Washington: “winning is easy, governing’s harder”, though for Catherine, the war is not yet won. She’s taken the throne, but the trouble is, the country doesn’t really want to change. Oh, and Peter is still a thorn in her side.

We’re also promised the addition Of Gillian Anderson to the series as Joanna, Catherine’s glamorous German socialite mother, who brings her own issues. But as we all know, if you can add Gillian Anderson to your show, you add Gillian Anderson to your show.

The show returns Stateside on 19 November via Hulu, and should be landing around the same time on Disney+ Star in the UK. It can’t arrive quick enough. Huzzah!

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