Different series were vital in 2020 for different reasons. The final season of Schitt’s Creek wasn’t revolutionary TV, but it provided a warm, gentle space to hide away from the horrors of the year. Across its entire run, Schitt’s Creek became increasingly confident with its identity as a show, and as a result this final stretch of 14 episodes was its greatest season yet – continuing the Rose family’s trajectory of personal growth as they become increasingly thoughtful, loveable, caring people, integrating with the community of Schitt’s Creek. Love that journey for them! Everyone here got a time to shine – Alexis (Annie Murphy) making bold and difficult personal choices, iconic matriarch Moira (Catherine O’Hara) releasing her Crows movie into the world, and Johnny and Stevie (Eugene Levy and Emily Hampshire) growing the Rosebud Motel business. But it was the conclusion of the love story between David (Dan Levy, also co-creator and showrunner) and Patrick (Noah Reid) that will go down in sitcom history – tender, heartfelt, and quietly revolutionary as a refreshingly trope-free gay romance. Ending on a high, Season 6 was simply the best Schitt’s Creek has ever been.

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