Just when you think Phil Lord and Chris Miller can’t approach a new project and find yet another way to give it an interesting, usually funny, spin, they manage it. Their latest creation is murder mystery comedy The Afterparty, which Apple TV+ will debut next year. See the first trailer, which stars Tiffany Haddish amongst a whole house full of comedy stalwarts.

Originally cooked up as a film script by Miller a decade ago, he and Lord dusted it off, convened a writers’ room and cranked out eight episodes of a TV version. Which Miller then directed. The Afterparty is set at a high school reunion’s afterparty, which has descended into mayhem following a murder, one that Haddish’s Detective Danner must solve. Think Knives Out, but leaning even more into the comedy angle. Plus, every episode features one character’s point of view, shot in its own genre and filmmaking style.

And what a cast! Sam Richardson, Ben Schwartz, Ike Barinholtz, Jamie Demetriou, Dave Franco, Ilana Glazer, John Early and Zoë Chao are all featured here. It looks like a laugh-grabbing treat already, so January can’t get here quick enough.

“This is one of the most surprising, original and fun projects we’ve ever made,” Lord and Miller say in a statement. “Our goal was to tell a comedic whodunnit story in a new and exciting way. By giving each episode its own unique style of storytelling, we were able to make what feels like eight distinctly different but interconnected films that highlight how everyone’s personal perspective and biases shape how they see the world.”

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