We’ve had to wait much longer than planned for the fourth season of Stranger Things, but the show is finally headed back our way. The cast, at Netflix’s TUDUM event on Saturday, unveiled a new teaser for the show, which will return next year.

The main clip introduces a new location, the spooky Creel House, and spins the clock even further back in time to what looks like the 1950s. But it also shows some of our main heroes exploring the place in its decrepit state in the 1980s milieu of the show.

Creel House is the home of new character Victor Creel, played by horror icon Robert “Freddy” Englund. Creel has been imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital since his family was violently murdered in the 1950s, which Creel blamed on a vengeful demon…

Not much else was revealed – and we still only know the show will be back in 2022, but no full date yet.

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