Who’s ready to head back to Hawkins? It’s been a few years since the third series of Netflix’s mega-smash sci-fi adventure series Stranger Things dropped, and the long-awaited Season 4 is one of the most hotly-anticipated upcoming events for the streaming service. The bad news? It’s not arriving until some point in 2022 (as yet to be confirmed). The good news? We finally have a teaser, giving our first glimpses at our heroes back in action, with some new faces, and a certain someone back from the dead. Oh, and kids riding bikes on moonlit streets – come on, this is Stranger Things. Check out the Season 4 Sneak Peek video here.

It’s a short but sweet teaser, mostly consisting of footage from the first three seasons – but there’s a smattering of fresh goodies in there too. For one, we have Millie Bobby Brown‘s Eleven and her snazzy new hair-do (spoiler alert: there’s a fringe). Then we have (most of) the gang creeping around with torches, with Maya Hawke back as Season 3’s stand-out newcomer Robin. Next up, it’s the mysterious return of David Harbour’s Jim Hopper – how exactly he’s alive (or if he really is Hopper) remains to be seen, since Season 3 (SPOILER ALERT) culminated in the man sacrificing himself to stop the Mind Flayer. Still, there was a post-credits teaser set in a Russian prison hinting at Harbour’s return, so his reprisal of the role isn’t exactly unexpected. Maybe he’s playing Red Guardian? Anything is possible now the MCU Multiverse has been unlocked…

Beyond that, we have a glimpse at a new cheerleader character. Our guess? She’s Chrissy, played by Van Dien, described as the “most popular girl in school” with a “dark secret”. And speaking of schools, look at that cheerleader uniform which confirms our central crew is off to Hawkins High School this time – Middle School is well and truly over. Beyond that, we get more D&D dice-rolls, a shot of Steve Harrington underwater, and a none-more-Things-ian nighttime bike ride. A small amount of footage, then, but plenty to unpack.

What is notable is that there’s no new footage of Finn Wolfhard’s Mike or Noah Schnapp’s Will Byers in here. They’re both confirmed to be back for Season 4, but it’s interesting that they don’t feature in this first look – especially since Stranger Things 3 ended with the Byers clan (and Eleven) moving out of Hawkins…

Either way, expect answers at some point next year (here’s hoping it drops as a New Years treat in January, and we won’t be having to wait a whole ‘nother year for this now) when Stranger Things 4 will finally hit Netflix. In the meantime, who’s up for some D&D?

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