What’s the statute of limitations on Star Wars spoilers? These days, if you’re talking The Mandalorian, it’s more or less the minute the episode ends, by the time Twitter blabs all the details. But going by Disney itself, it seems to be roughly eight or nine months – because a brand new episode of making-of series Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian is about to drop, and it delves into one of the biggest developments of the Season 2 finale, the surprise appearance of one Mark Hamill. And we’re not talking ‘Mark Hamill voicing a weird little alien’ or anything – no, it’s actual Mark Hamill, who turned up as actual Luke Skywalker, to take actual possession of actual Baby Yoda at the end of the most recent episode.

And while it was a de-aged Skywalker who appeared on screen, staying consistent with the fact that this is Luke five years beyond where we left him in Return Of The Jedi, it was actually Hamill on set. There’s all kinds of footage along those lines in the trailer that just dropped.

The new Disney Gallery episode is all about how they brought Luke Skywalker back on the show, how they de-aged him, and what it was like having Mark Hamill be part of the show – and it’s going to be streaming on Disney+ next Wednesday, 25 August.

But what next for the show? The season ended with Luke picking up Grogu and taking him away from Mando – so does the show carry on without its most loveable character? Will there be a time-jump? Will Baby Yoda end up back with his foster-dad in the near future? Time – or rather, The Mandalorian Season 3 – will tell. But first? There’s a little show by the name of The Book Of Boba Fett, sure to give us all a different kind of Mandalorian-flavoured action…

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