Henry Cavill, Geralt of Rivia himself, joins us on this week’s show, to talk a little bit about the The Witcher‘s second season and a lot more about fantasy books, Warhammer 40k and general geekery (24:34-46:54). In addition to Netflix’s returning fantasy, we take a look at Gugu Mbatha-Raw‘s living situation as she moves in to David Oyelowo‘s rather terrifying apartment in The Girl Before on BBC1, and we find out what Carrie Bradshaw’s been up to since Sex And The City in follow-up show And Just Like That on Sky Comedy (first episode spoilers exist between 1:21:21 and 1:35:58). PLUS we record a special drop-in to talk about the Succession finale (1:09:20-1:20:16), mull over the best will-they/won’t-they relationships, and James manages to trample all over Beth’s Ex Machina analogy and she refuses to let him cut it out.

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