On this week’s show we have a story that slowly unfolds over a thousand years… we also talk about Foundation. While the runtime for this week’s episode is undeniably immense (sorry)!, we did have good reason because the delightful Sophie Petzal joins us a guest co-host, ostensibly to talk about her new show Hollington Drive but more accurately to debate the merits of Star Trek: Voyager, call out our anti-animation bias, shed light on the secrets of great screenwriting, and speculate about sex with fairies.

PLUS, we have Empire himself, Mr Lee Pace, on the show to talk about Apple’s new sweeping sci-fi series Foundation and we take a look at sixties fascism in Ridley Road on BBC1. All that and we even recorded an emergency drop-in section so we could dissect all things ‘Tadum’ and talk about Netflix’s big announcements, plus Boyd had FEELINGS about Russell T Davies returning to Doctor Who. It may take you half a day to get through this episode but trust us when we tell you that it’s worth listening to every minute.

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