Due to the convergence of both football and tennis, new shows are a little thin on the ground this week but that can’t stop us from bringing you another glorious instalment of the podcast. Indeed, this week’s is an episode in which Boyd and Terri try to explain the concept of sport to James and then audition a series of (fictional) TV characters to fill Terri’s soon to be vacant seat.

On the telly front, it’s an animation double bill as we look at the Resident Evil anime show on Netflix, and rejoin Mike and Sully for Pixar series Monsters At Work, plus we somehow end up watching a show about the Peru Two in High: Confessions Of An Ibiza Drug Mule on BBC3. Needless to say, James was delighted.

Listen to the episode in the player above, on Apple Podcasts, or on your podcast app of choice.

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