Never one to rest on his bloody, spooky laurels when there are other fright fests to create, Midnight Mass man Mike Flanagan is plotting the fall of the house of Usher. Quite what he’s got against the rapper is anyone’s guess, but the bulldozers will… Sorry, what? Edgar Allan who?

Yes, Flanagan is actually looking to craft a new miniseries adapted from multiple works by literary legend Edgar Allan Poe under the banner title The Fall Of The House Of Usher. The short story itself is a tale of a weird house, two very odd siblings, someone being buried alive and madness. Netflix – a regular outlet for Flanagan’s work under a deal with his Intrepid Pictures company – has ordered eight episodes of the new series, which may end up an anthology or could blend together various Poe stories into one narrative. Flanagan is keeping his cards close to his chest for now, though we know he’ll direct half the episodes, with his usual cinematographer and co-director Michael Fimognari tackling the others. Fun fact: Fimognari also directed a couple of the To All The Boys TV movies. Now there’s a crossover we’d pay to see…

Flanagan’s latest horror series, The Midnight Club, should hit the streaming service next year.

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