Summer is basically over by now, which means we’re heading straight towards Christmas – and Marvel knows exactly what you want under the tree this year. Not only that, but Disney+ is going to give it to you early and everything. All of which is to say that the Hawkeye series is on the way, it looks like an absolute blast, and it’s got an upbeat Christmassy feel going by the new trailer that just dropped. The series brings back Jeremy Renner as arrow-firing Avenger Clint Barton – but this isn’t just his series. It’s a show that also brings in another Hawkeye in the form of Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop, a firm comic book favourite about to hit the bullseye in her MCU debut. Check out the trailer here.

Well, that looks tons of fun – and, intriguingly, it looks like it’ll have an even stronger buddy-duo dynamic than the one promised in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, with Barton and Bishop making one hell of a team. In fact, with the Christmas setting on top, this one has a bit of a Shane Black feel – sure to be appreciated by Iron Man 3 fans everywhere.

As the trailer shows, Hawkeye is set in the aftermath of Endgame – with Clint Barton finally getting to spend some time with his family after being Blipped back into existence, while also trying to escape the consequences of his dark-side freakout when he went all Ronin on the criminal underworld. But then Kate Bishop crashes into his life (describing herself as “the world’s greatest archer”), and the duo are forced to work together when things become explosive. If Barton’s bow-and-arrowing was never the most exciting power in the Avengers line-up, this one looks to have plenty of big action – the highlight here being Renner’s character catching an incoming Molotov cocktail, and chucking it back to its original owner. Plus, we get a glimpse of Lucky The Pizza Dog, some Thor-esque LARPing, and – most importantly – the biggest sensation on Broadway, Rogers: The Musical! Our wish? That it’s been written in-universe by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The series comes to Disney+ starting on 24 November, with the cast also including Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, and Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez (aka comics character Echo). By the looks of things, it’s right on target to be another worthy addition to the small-screen MCU line-up.

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