Though we know that Gael Garcia Bernal is on board to star in Marvel’s new Halloween special for Disney+, the typically secretive studio has yet to reveal any more official information. Via Deadline, however, we do at least know that The Nevers‘ Laura Donnelly is joining him in the cast.

The biggest speculation about the new show is that it’ll adapt the Werewolf By Night comics, which have seen different characters struck with lycanthropy and turning into werewolves. Assuming Bernal is taking on the main character, Donnelly could potentially be Nina Price, who becomes Vampire By Night. She’s the niece of character Jack Russell, the original Werewolf By Night and a vampire/werewolf hybrid. She carried the lycan gene and was further changed after being bitten by a vampire.

Marvel’s latest show for Disney’s streaming service should be filming in the next few months ahead of an autumn launch. With luck, we’ll find out more details as the shoot gets closer.

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