Generally, Doctor Who is a none-more monster-of-the-week show. If each series of the long-running BBC sci-fi show since its revival has featured some kind of bigger endgame, the very nature of the time-and-space-hopping alien hero tends to mean each instalment brings its own specific adventure. Even Steven Moffat’s more experimental, overarching-plot-heavy Season 6 had more standalone elements. But not with Jodie Whittaker’s next (and final) series. Her third outing as The Doctor has its own official title – Doctor Who: Flux – and will tell one single story across its six episodes. Even after nearly 60 years, Doctor Who is far from finished with regenerating itself.


“There have always been arcs across the series in Doctor Who, particularly where the Doctor is concerned,” Whittaker tells Empire. “But this time it’s bigger, more ambitious. It’s a massive arc, and what has been interesting is realising that at the end of part three, you’re only halfway there. So it’s about having that kind of stamina, and not playing all your narrative cards at once.” Expect all kinds of monsters, mayhem, and wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff – now with added John Bishop, entering the TARDIS as newcomer Dan Lewis.


Read Empire’s full Doctor Who story in the Spider-Man: No Way Home issue – on sale Thursday 28 October and available to pre-order online here – and catch the first episode of Doctor Who: Flux on BBC One this Sunday, 31 October.

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