It’s not even Halloween yet, but the faint jingling bells of the Coca-Cola truck can already be heard in the distance: the holidays are coming, and beyond Home Sweet Home Alone, one of Disney’s festive treats comes in Marvel wrapping (just like Martin Scorsese’s presents from his mischievous daughter last year). As the previous teaser confirmed, the Hawkeye series is actually a Christmas show, set to sit alongside Iron Man 3 as a seasonal superhero story. Now, we have another short teaser with a few glimpses of extra footage – promising a snappy team-up between Jeremy Renner’s sharp-shooting Clint Barton, and Hailee Steinfeld’s incoming Kate Bishop.

There’s plenty to enjoy in this latest look – with LARPing, Linda Cardellini, and loads of action. We have fresh glimpses of ‘Rogers: The Musical’ (easily the hottest ticket in town), nifty fight scene beats (that bottle-kick!), and more of the sparkling repartee between our two Hawkeyes. And there’s some important info in there too: as previously announced, the series will debut on 24 November (just in time for Thanksgiving) with not one but two episodes. That means the show will wrap up on December 22, one week before The Book Of Boba Fett begins streaming on the 29th.

The head writer for this series is Jonathan Igla, with SNL’s Rhys Thomas and filmmaking duo Bert & Bertie on board as directors. Beyond Renner and Steinfeld, the show is also set to star Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, and Alaqua Cox as another incoming hero, Echo (aka Maya Lopez). Plus, as the Black Widow post-credits sequence teased – SPOILER WARNING – there should be an appearance from Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova at some point. Thankfully, this is one Christmas present we can unwrap a month early.

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