Gareth Evans made his name as a filmmaker with the likes of The Raid and The Raid 2 – movies that made you feel like you’d been socked across the face, in the best possible way. It’s a sensibility he managed to transfer to Gangs Of London, the Sky TV series he co-created with Matt Flannery, taking place – you guessed it – in the criminal underworld of the British capital. The show, which was directed by Evans, Corin Hardy and Xavier Gens, has been a huge hit for Sky Atlantic, and after some impressive viewing figures, it’s official: a second season is coming.

Sky has renewed Gangs Of London for another run, sure to bring more Machiavellian manoeuvres and viscerally violent brawls – though it likely won’t hit screens until 2022. It’s no surprise that more is on the way – the first season is Sky Atlantic’s biggest original drama in five years. With that impact, it’s also been picked up by AMC for broadcast in the US. “The overwhelming reaction and record-breaking success in the U.K. of the first season of Gangs Of London has been phenomenal, and we are thrilled to continue this epic journey with such riveting characters for season two with our amazing cast, crew and partners,” says Thomas Benski, founder of producer Pulse Films. “We look forward to teaming up again with our friends at Sky and to welcoming AMC on board as our U.S. broadcast partner. AMC is the perfect home for our show, and we cannot wait for audiences stateside to experience series one this autumn.”

Stay tuned for more updates as the second series comes together in the next two years – and let’s hope it involves plenty more of Sope Dirisu’s Elliot kicking people in the face.

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