Perhaps one day, HBO and its WarnerMedia overlords will stop coming up with ways to keep the Game Of Thrones wheel turning. That day is not today, as, following on from January’s news of an animated series in the early stages, comes word of two more potential spin-off shows.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, only one of the two potential new animated outings has any details floating around, as it’s reportedly set in The Golden Empire of Yi Ti (or simply Yi Ti), a region in the continent of Essos, near the south-eastern limits of the known world. The society is considered one of the oldest and most advanced societies in creator George RR Martin’s sprawling fantasy realm and is inspired by Imperial China.

Yi Ti has been the subject of a few brief references in the show proper, though it is place visited by prequel series House Of The Dragon character Lord Corlys Velaryon (Steve Toussaint) has visited on his travels.

Talking of the prequel series and the various other shows rumoured to be in the works, another has fallen prey to the development Direwolves, as the Reporter also mentions that Flea Bottom, set in the titular slum, will not make it past the early stages at this time. As of right now, HBO has only confirmed House Of The Dragon, which has been in production and will arrive next year.

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