Steven Soderbergh clearly enjoyed collaborating with Bill And Ted/Men In Black writer Ed Solomon on his recent film No Sudden Move (released on HBO Max in the US and yet to see a screen in the UK). The pair is already teaming back up for a new TV miniseries called Full Circle.

It’s planned as a six-episode series that delves into a botched kidnapped, which itself uncovers long-held secrets connecting multiple characters and cultures in present day New York City.

Soderbergh appears enthused to get to work on it: “Even by Ed’s standards this is a complex narrative that manages to be both kaleidoscopic and intimate,” the director tells Variety. “Our task now is to assemble a great cast and make sure we execute at the level the scripts deserve.” Given the draw of Soderbergh’s name in particular, it shouldn’t be too tough to lock down some excellent actors…

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