Feel Good was one of those shows that, despite its sometimes thorny subject matter (addiction, trauma, personal responsibility) helped make the early stages of pandemic troubles feel a little lighter. Originally a co-production of Channel 4 and Netflix, it has switched entirely streaming for the second and – boo! – final season, which has a trailer online.

The series chronicles the struggles and joys of Mae (played by series co-creator Mae Martin), a stand-up who when we first meet her, is in addiction recovery and painfully single. Meeting George (Charlotte Ritchie) sparks something in Mae, and with George coming out and starting a relationship with Mae, the stage is set for a love story that doesn’t follow the typical track.

Season 2 finds Mae in rehab after hitting rock bottom in the season finale, and, upon returning to her life, discovers that George has moved on… Or should that be back?

With Lisa Kudrow, Adrian Lukis, John Ross Bowie and Philip Burgers in the cast, Feel Good will be back on Netflix on 4 June.

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