With Halloween fast approaching, that means the Beeb is getting ready to launch the new, six-part Doctor Who series, Flux, which will form a key part of Jodie Whittaker‘s final run on the show. New information about the series has arrived, including the name of the first chapter and a hefty list of guests stars. Let’s start with the title, shall we?

Yes, The Halloween Apocalypse certainly sounds like a Nu-Who title, and now we can see why the team chose to launch on that date. After all, The Second Weekend In July Apocalypse just doesn’t have the same ring, does it?

The show has also been announcing the people who will be showing up – some slathered in prosthetics to play aliens, no doubt – to join the fun. Just last week we learned that Robert Bathurst, Craig Parkinson, Kevin McNally, Blake Harrison, Thaddea Graham, Annabel Scholey, Penelope Ann McGhie, Gerald Kyd and Sara Powell were aboard. Now via a fresh update, the list includes Rochenda Sandall, Sam Spruell, Craige Els (who we met in the brief teaser introducing John Bishop’s new companion Dan Lewis), Steve Oram, Nadia Albina, Jonathan Watson, Sue Jenkins and Paul Broughton. Phew! With just six episodes to tell this new story, Flux is shaping up to be a stuffed series.

With Bishop, Mandip Gill and Jacob Anderson all among the cast, Doctor Who returns, as mentioned, on 31 October. Find the latest trailer right here.

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