Saros Series Eclipses Belong to Saros Cycles

Eclipses don’t just occur in the sky as one-off events. As Bernadette Brady notes “each eclipse is a member of a family and each family has characteristics. They belong to larger patterns called Saros cycles and those cycles have a beginning and thus a chart for the moment of this beginning, the first eclipse.” This whole cycle may well take well over twelve hundred years to unfold, producing eclipses once every 18 years. We should keep in mind that eclipses always come in pairs. After the first one of the pair takes place the next one occurs roughly two weeks after.

There are many Saros cycles in operation at any one time, thus we get two to four solar eclipses a year but these individual eclipses that happen in any one year will all come from different families, different Saros Series. For example the cycle which produced the eclipse on Monday 19 March, 2007 started in 1664 and has also produced eclipses on the following dates in the following degrees of the zodiac:

February 1971 – 6 Pisces —

March 1989 – 17 Pisces —

March 2007 – 28 Pisces —

This solar eclipse is known as Saros Series 9 New North (Jansky system of naming eclipses) and on 19th March 2007 it occurred at 28 degrees Pisces. So have a look at your chart and see if you have anything at late mutable degrees. If so, it will have had a much more personalized meaning for you as it would have been actively engaging with a theme or issue that you was running in your life.

The birth chart of Saros Series 9 New North, born 21 August 1664, has a Venus-Mercury conjunction on the Mars/Pluto midpoint and Mars on the Uranus/Pluto midpoint in its birth chart. Thus this whole series has a strongly physical component to its expression. This can range from struggling with a new sport or your first yoga class to minor accidents, so if it is aspecting a theme in your chart, then maybe you considered how you could use such energy more positively.

Another example is the very recent annular Solar Eclipse on February 7th 2008 at 18 degrees Aquarius in Saros Series 10 North and Total Lunar Eclipse on 21st February 2008 at 2 degrees Virgo.

Bernadette Brady, in her book on the subject Predictive Astrology, says of this Eclipse series that there is a strong emphasis on communication. Though setbacks may occur with frustrations and restrictions. The energy is generally low and drained, so a good time to take life quietly and not take too much on board at once.

The effects of any eclipse usually last for about six months or so. But they can also be felt about a month or so before it occurs.

Source by Thomas O Donovan

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