Dancing With the Winds of Change

After all the harsh Mars aspects of late February, (Mars square Pluto Feb 22; conjunct Uranus Feb 26; and opposing Jupiter Feb 27) surely this month also fulfills the signature of ‘coming in like a ‘lion’ the question is: does March go out like a lamb? We are still dealing with the Winds of Change!

Those harsh aspects in late February left me with something totally unexpected – a painful sprained ankle! These things can be easily seen with astrology, and through hindsight, avoided (I should have just stayed home… etc., etc.)

Next, the eclipse season ripens though the Great American Solar Eclipse on August 21st which travels across the heartland of the US. This eclipse predicts that the landscape of America will look different by March of 2018 – 6 months after the event.

Overall, the planetary teachers are looking kinder for the month of March. Dynamic, yes – but not as wild. There are several events this month. First and foremost, Venus stations retrograde on Saturday, March 4th.

Venus retrograde signals a time to get clear on your values; to examine what you really want for your personal relationships and even your business. With both Jupiter and Venus retrograde now, consider this a time to fertilize your field.

Plus, Mercury stations retrograde (April 9 – May 3), clearly signaling that March and April are your time to refine, review, and prepare. Also, the North Node changes signs on May 11th, moving from Virgo into Leo. Have patience over these next few months.

Think of it as a gigantic earth moving machine doing some excavation in your front yard. Things will look different, and you’ll likely even be pleased with the results, but it might be messy getting there.

Remember that major decisions made during a retrograde are often reversed because what you want often changes as the planets begin to move direct.

One of the major aspects for this month is Jupiter square Pluto on March 30th; another aspect of repair and restoration.

Also, The Virgo full moon of March delivers a dynamic Mercury square Saturn – an aspect of judgement. We humans are supposed to be ‘kind’ and not judge others, but the planets, especially Mercury, are not bound by such moral obligations.

Mercury square Saturn highlights imperfections – what is wrong rather than what is right. And, the Virgo full moon surely illuminates everything for the world to see.

In March, look for opportunities to revitalize aspects of your life. Maybe you want to polish up old projects – this is the perfect time.

Or, perhaps you are ready to deal with an old, longstanding but troubling issue – take it on!

Life never stops, and neither should you. But, the wisdom of astrology offers up some good advice for this time period.

Wishing you peace the vision of a kinder and gentler world,

Source by Maya White

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