Rear Window continues to be an inspiration for cinematic thrillers, and the latest to draw on the Hitchcock classic gives it a topical twist. Zoë Kravitz – soon to be seen as Selina Kyle in The Batman, stars in Steven Soderbergh‘s latest movie, KIMI, which has its first trailer online.

Written by David Koepp, the film sees Kravitz as an agoraphobic young woman who works for a big tech company as a voice recording analyst. Specifically, she checks streams recorded by omnipresent AI system KIMI (think Alexa etc). On one, she discovers what she thinks is evidence of a murder, but when she attempts to report it, she’s either stonewalled or investigated and then must start her own journey to discover what’s really going on. Hints of Blow Out here, too, then.

It’s an old theme in the age of Black Mirror and other concepts, but we’re intrigued to see what Soderbergh and Koepp have done with it. Jaime Camil, Erika Christensen, Derek DelGaudio, Robin Givens, Jacob Vargas and Rita Wilson all feature.

As of right now, the movie will debut in the States on 10 February, and will be out via Digital Download in the UK, but Warners’ current information only says “coming soon”…

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