You will likely have read our exclusive chat with Jurassic World: Dominion director Colin Trevorrow about the five-minute IMAX preview of the movie that is playing in front of Fast & Furious 9. If that left you hankering to see even a tiny chunk of it, a very small teaser has arrived.

It’s very much just a taste, but you do get to see some of the new dinosaurs that will pop up in the preview, which is set in the Cretaceous, and hints at the coming battle between franchise stalwart the T-Rex and new challenger Giganotosaurus.

The teaser naturally doesn’t offer any hint about the movie itself, but you can expect plenty of dino madness and the human likes of Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Laura Dern, Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum and a whole host of others.

You can see the full preview at IMAX screenings of F9 when it launches in cinemas on 24 June.

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