They say the grass is always greener on the other side. For Maya (Hannah John-Kamen) and Jamie (Douglas Booth), the star couple in Jon Wright’s new film Unwelcome, the green grass of rural Ireland promises a peaceful escape from the hustle, bustle and sometimes violence of urban life. Sadly, that wistful idea of starting over in the sticks doesn’t quite go so well, as tension with locals – oh, and the murderous goblins at the bottom of the garden – start to invade their inherited idyll. Take a look at the brand new trailer here:

Directed by Wright and co-written by him and Mark Stay, Unwelcome takes inspiration from ‘Redcaps’ – mythical creatures said to roam the castles on the Anglo-Scottish border, named thanks to their habit of dunking their hats in their victims’ blood. When Maya and Jamie forget to leave a blood sacrifice for their lurking lodgers – and become threatened by the family of builders invited into their home – the fairytale foes make their presence known. John-Kamen and Booth are joined in the film by an array of Irish talent, including Niamh Cusack as the friendly lady who informs them of their new house’s history, and Colm Meaney and Derry Girls’ Jamie Lee O’Donnell as far more spiky neighbours, frustrated at the English couple’s appearance in town.


Unwelcome hits UK cinemas in 2022, and we have a special trailer breakdown piece with director Jon Wright coming to soon.

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