Though the pandemic impacted the release schedule for Top Gun: Maverick, director Joseph Kosinski still had to finish it. With that dialled in for release later this year, and follow-up Escape From Spiderhead in post-production, he’s looking for his next job, and he’s attached to a graphic novel adaptation called Chariot.

Warner Bros. just picked up the rights to the eventual film in a package deal that also includes Kosinski’s directorial services and a script from Julian Meiojas.

Chariot, published by Artists, Writers and Artisans, was created by Bryan Edward Hill and drawn by Priscilla Petraites. The Chariot is set up as a Cold War-era secret government project to provide its main agent with a weapon unlike any other in the form of a state-of-the-art sports car. It sank into the ocean decades ago, the agent along with it. A petty criminal looking to reform his life has stumbled upon the Chariot, and he’s about to find out that the agent’s consciousness is still controlling it… Sounds a little like a comic take on Knight Rider if you ask us, but we’ll see what becomes of the film.

Top Gun: Maverick, meanwhile, is due for UK release on 19 November.

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