If you were to pick three elements to combine into one film that exudes pure good-heartedness, you couldn’t go wrong with this trio: a cute dog, a sweet robot, and the ever-wonderful Tom Hanks. And if that combination floats your boat, you’re going to want to get your peepers on the first trailer for Finch – an upcoming Amblin-produced adventure film from Game Of Thrones director Miguel Sapochnik. Set in a Wall-E-esque post-apocalyptic future, it sees Hanks’ survivor Finch build a lanky robot to help look after his mutt as they venture out into the sun-flare-ravaged world. Check out the trailer here.

Doesn’t that look delightful? As well as the aforementioned Wall-E, there are hints of everything from Interstellar, to The Martian, to I Am Legend and Chappie here – with a largely wholesome tone, but hints of danger (from both the scorching sun and other human survivors) on the fringes. The film is the debut feature screenplay from writers Craig Luck (a veteran of film sets including Doctor Strange, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Jupiter Ascending) and Ivor Powell (a producer on Alien and Blade Runner back in the day), while Sapochnik was behind such blockbuster Thrones episodes as ‘Hardhome’, ‘The Battle Of The Bastards’, and ‘The Long Night’.

All in all, this one looks cosier than a thick autumn jumper – and it’ll be hitting Apple TV+ on 5 November. Get your knitwear and a cosy pumpkin spice latte ready now.

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