She’d been working solidly on screens big and small before it, but Julia Butters scored some real attention when she worked with Quentin Tarantino on Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood. She’s landed a job with another big-name director, as Steven Spielberg is recruiting her for his latest, untitled film, which is inspired by his own childhood.

While the movie – which Spielberg co-wrote with regular collaborator Tony Kushner – is fictional, it’ll draw a lot from Spielberg’s younger days growing up in Arizona. Gabriel LaBelle has scored the role that channels Spielberg himself, while Michelle Williams will play a character based on his mother, Paul Dano one based on his father and Seth Rogen has the gig playing a man inspired by his favourite uncle. Butters will play LaBelle’s character’s sister.

Not much is known about the exact story for the movie, though the director is reportedly looking for young actors to play family members at different times through the years. He’s aiming to kick off shooting this summer with an eye to releasing the film in 2022.

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