Saying that comic book movies are popular these days is a little like pointing out that water is wet. But the roots of the current pop culture behemoth go back to two, scrappy upstart comics companies, and a new documentary called Slugfest is digging into their longstanding rivalry.

Executive produced by Joe and Anthony Russo, who have some amount of experience with one of those companies (someone should take a note of the portals scene), the documentary talks to some of the major players about the battle between the two companies for readership and top creative talent (expect see how DC poached Jack Kirby from the house of Spidey and co). Kevin Smith, himself no slouch in the comics writing and comics fan department, provides the narration for the 10-episodes series. While it’ll show up on Roku devices, it originated on the now-defunct Quibi services.

“Audiences will leave Slugfest with a whole new of understanding of how the rivalry between two creative powerhouses shaped the iconic storylines and characters that fans around the world have come to know and love,” said the Russo Brothers. “We’re thrilled to partner with The Roku Channel to unpack the fascinating, but untold, history behind the most well-known competition in comics.”

The series lands on Roku’s channel service on 24 December. Happy Comicsmass!

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