Disney bet big on Free Guy this past weekend (and not just because legacy deals meant it couldn’t also release the film on Disney+ at the same time), and it has apparently paid off. The Ryan Reynolds action comedy has scored a $51 million debut. Now, according to Reynolds via twitter, the Mouse House is interested in a sequel.

It’s something of an irony, as Reynolds points out, since Free Guy makes fun – through Taika Waititi‘s character – of sequels and follow-ups in search of a pay day. But the box office has spoken, so we can expect the lead and director Shawn Levy to at least kick around the idea of a film carrying on Guy’s adventures. By way of confirmation, Disney’s 20th Century Studios arm retweeted Reynolds and Levy also posted.

The movie’s box office was split between $28.4 million in the US and $22.5 million elsewhere, and with a couple of weeks of freedom on the general audience front, it has the chance to that it’s got legs.

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