Given the title of Poker Face, you might suspect that a new Russell Crowe film could be ripped from recent headlines and chronicle the shock kidnapping (and swift return) of Lady Gaga’s prized pooches. Instead, it’s planned as a twisty thriller with Gary Fleder in the director’s chair.

Stephen M. Coates wrote the script, which will see Crowe as Jake, a tech billionaire who summons his childhood friends to his sprawling Miami estate for what he claims is a high stakes poker game. But it’s much more than that: given his mixed relationship with most of the players, the master strategist has planned an elaborate scheme to enact justice on them. But what he hasn’t accounted for is a dangerous home invader showing up at his mansion. Sounds like Crowe is in for a rough old time in this one…

The actor, who most recently starred in Unhinged, will crop up in Thor: Love And Thunder, due out on 6 May next year.

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