When he’s not in the music world, Rob Zombie as a filmmaker is more normally known for the violent, bloody likes of his Halloween reboot and The Devil’s Rejects. We’ve a feeling his new cinematic take on monster family sitcom The Munsters will be a little more kid-friendly, and Zombie has posted a first look at his main cast via Instagram.

Pictured are regular ensemble member Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman, regular collaborator/wife Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily and Dan Roebuck as Grandpa, all sitting in front of the family’s iconic mansion at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, which Zombie’s team has built as a location/set in Hungary.

The film, like the show before it, follows a family of benign monsters who relocate from Transylvania to the American suburbs. They’re endlessly confused as to why the neighbours react so strangely to them, and find it odd that they consider niece Marilynn (a human) the odd one of the family.

Zombie has been regularly sharing images of the set under construction and special effects work being cooked up. The movie has yet to confirm a release date.

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