In the last few years, Riz Ahmed‘s career has truly taken off, his intense performances scoring him awards nomination and plenty of praise. He’s back with a new lead role in Encounter, which finds him as a Marine trying to save his two young sons from a mysterious threat. Have a look at the trailer…

Directed by Beast‘s Michael Pearce from a script he wrote with Joe Barton, Encounter challenges that initial perception. Ahmed plays Malik Khan, a soldier who has been away from home for a while when he suddenly shows up, collects his sons Jay (Lucian-River Chauhan) and Bobby (Aditya Geddada) and spirits them away on what he says is a road trip.

Yet Malik seems convinced that there’s an alien situation happening, even if it might just be all in his disturbed brain. Soon, the authorities are looking for him, including Octavia Spencer‘s Hattie, who wants to see the boys get home safely.

Encounter should be in UK cinemas on 3 December ahead of its release via Prime Video on 10 December.

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