Between his appearances in Lock, Stock, Snatch, Escape Plan and more, Vinnie Jones has form when it comes to playing proper screen hard-nuts – and now he’s joined long-running British gangster saga Rise Of The Footsoldier for its fifth instalment, Rise Of The Footsoldier: Origins. Exploring the history behind recurring character Tony Tucker, it tracks his return from the Falklands and rise through the Essex underground against the backdrop of the ‘80s rave scene – with series regular Terry Stone returning as Tucker, and Jones entering the fray as fearsome doorman Bernard O’Mahoney. Cue the money, power, drugs, and violence. Watch the official trailer here.

The film is directed and co-written by Nick Nevern – who starred in Rise Of The Footsoldier 4: Marbella, as well as hit BBC comedy Motherland – and also stars the likes of Keith Allen, Craig Fairbrass and Michelle Collins. Take a look at the poster art.

Rise Of The Footsoldier: Origins – poster

And here’s the official synopsis: “When a down-on-his-luck Tony Tucker lands a job as a nightclub doorman after saving the owner’s grandson, he will do whatever it takes to rise to the top of the game. Teaming up with Essex heavyweight Bernard O’Mahoney at the height of the 1980s rave scene, Tucker could do no wrong. A voracious appetite for money, drugs, and a glamorous lifestyle soon develops, fuelling his growingly audacious ventures and seeing him join forces with Pat Tate and Craig Rolfe to capitalise on the drug-boom. Packed with fights, revenges, and explosions, the ultimate origin story brings Rise Of The Footsoldier full circle, and tackles many of the franchise’s previously unanswered questions.”

Catch Rise Of The Footsoldier: Origins in UK cinemas from 3 September.

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