We’ve already seen Regina King slay as a comicbook character (or comicbook-adjacent, since her part was invented for the series) in Watchmen. Now she’s bringing a comicbook feel to her directing career, which she successfully launched with One Night In Miami. She’s attached to direct an adaptation of Image Comics title Bitter Root.

Bryan Edward Hill is re-writing the script for the film, which will draw from David F. Walker, Sanford Greene and Chuck Brown’s story. The Eisner Award winner is set during the vibrant Harlem Renaissance of 1924, when a fractured family of once-great monster hunters faces an unimaginable evil that descends upon New York City.

For generations, the Sangeryes have hunted and cured those infected by a supernatural force that feeds off the prejudice of the era, transforming human beings into hideous monsters. With most of the family dead, and the surviving Sangeryes at odds between saving or killing the creatures, they must overcome the wounds of the past in the hopes of thwarting an invasion.

We’re excited to see what she makes as her follow-up film. Bitter Root is currently sitting in that slot, and it sounds like a subject that King can really bring to life on screen.

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