Movie tie-ins are everywhere, and these days, everything and anything. But while cereals have been part of that wave for many years, they’re not exactly the first product we think of when we picture Scream. Halloween costumes? Sure? A carving set? Creepy, but go with it. Cereal? Nope, didn’t necessarily see that coming, but a company called Cereal Killer did, and it is launching Strawberries And Scream.

It’s perhaps a weird concept, but when your company name is already “cereal killer”, it’s perhaps easier to see how they took the leap. Described as “crispy mallow cereal clusters”, the foodstuff will feature marshmallow shapes of the infamous mask, because what you truly want when enjoying a tasty breakfast time treat is to be reminded of a stalking, stab-happy killer.

Scream cereal

On the upside, some packages will offer the chance to score an exclusive private screening for you and your family, so all those calories could well be worth it. Scream, the fifth film in the franchise, lands in cinemas on 14 January. Check Cereal Killer’s Instagram page to find out when the cereal itself will land.

Oh, and be sure to read our trailer breakdown for the film, featuring directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett.

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