Even as filming continues, James Wan has added to the cast of Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom. Returning from the first film to play Atlantis-obsessed marine biologist Dr. Stephen Shin is Randall Park, while Jani Zhao, Indya Moore and Vincent Regan are new recruits.

Wan already has Jason Momoa back as the lead role, with Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Dolph Lundgren also all returning for a second go-around.

While the actual plot of David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick‘s script is being kept in a chest at the bottom of the ocean, the new casting could shed some light on it.

Zhao’s role won’t help much – she’s playing a new character called Stingray who was created for the film. Unless that’s a cover name for an existing DC character, it’s not yet known if she’s a hero or a villain.

Moore will be existing DC character Karshon, normally found as a Green Lantern villain. Originally a shark, radiation granted the character a humanoid, intelligence and telepathy. Sounds like a lot like King Shark, though this will be a different role from The Suicide Squad.

Regan is taking on the role of Atlan, the ancient ruler of Atlantis who caused the city to sink into the sea. The character appeared briefly in 2018’s Aquaman and was played by Graham McTavish – Aquaman finds his trident in that film.

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom will be out in December 2022.

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