Fans of the Fab Four, get ready – Peter Jackson is about to make your day. For years now, the Lord Of The Rings filmmaker has been hard at work on his next documentary, following on from his World War I project They Shall Not Grow Old – excavating 60-odd hours of unseen footage of The Beatles near the end of the band’s time, and constructing a very different take on the creation of Let It Be than the 1970 documentary named after that album. Originally intended as a film, The Beatles: Get Back is now a three-part documentary heading for Disney+ – an absolute treasure-trove of material depicting the legendary group at work, recording, messing about, and preparing for that final rooftop gig. Check out the new four-minute trailer:

If Beatles die-hards will be bowled over at the vibrant footage, scrubbed up by Jackson and co., even casual fans will likely be captured by the prospect of seeing the iconic band in such casual circumstances. There are jam sessions as Let It Be comes together, discussions about the group’s imminent break-up, milestones such as the departure of George Harrison, moments of Ringo Starr just titting about, John Lennon dancing with Yoko Ono, and the planning that led to that legendary Savile Row concert.

The doc will drop on Disney+ across three consecutive nights – 25, 26 and 27 November.

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