This summer, thoughts for some are actually turning towards the idea of going on a holiday again after a long year of lockdown. Which makes Luca perhaps the perfect film to indulge in and, ironically, one that will premiere at home via Disney+. Still, the new trailer is online for the sun-dappled story.

Set on the coast of Italy in the dazzling summer days, its central character, Luca (Jacob Tremblay), and his friend Alberto (Jack Dylan Grazer) are actually sea creatures who appear human on dry land, but take on a fishier form underwater. In a Little Mermaid riff, the pair get to experience life up where they walk, run, and stay all day in the sun – befriending a human girl (Emma Berman’s Giulia) along the way.

The likes of Maya Rudolph, Sandy Martin, Jim Gaffigan and Giacomo Gianniotti help fill out the cast for the film, which will be on Disney’s streaming service (directly, for no additional fee as with Soul) on 18 June.

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