If there’s a word that’s going to be on everyone’s lips in the coming days as Spider-Man: No Way Home finally hits the big screen, it’s ‘multiverse’ – which makes the timing of the trailer launch for Everything Everywhere All At Once particularly canny. Because even though it’s not part of the MCU or the DCEU (or, technically, is it?) this is another cinematic outing getting in on multiversal shenanigans – and you’ll want to have it on your radar for many reasons. For one, it contains Michelle(s) Yeoh(s), plural. For two, it’s directed by Daniels – also plural, and the official name of filmmaking duo Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan who also brought us the beautiful and brilliantly batshit Swiss Army Man a few years ago (yes, the Daniel Radcliffe farting corpse movie). For three, it also has Jamie Lee Curtis in it. And for four, well, it just looks astonishingly good. Check out the trailer.

It’s a multiverse story. It’s Michelle Yeoh. It’s sort of the premise of the Wachowskis’ Netflix drama Sense8. What’s not to love? As with Swiss Army Man (which really does have to be seen to be believed), this one looks to be packed with wild invention and insane imagery – all those googly-eye shots, the fractured lenses as the multiverse comes into play, people’s heads exploding into confetti, shifting aspect ratios, magical swords, colour-changing nails, a singing raccoon, a brief flash of animation, and bone-crunching fight sequences to boot. In short, it looks like an explosion of creativity that only the Daniels (or, maybe the Wachowskis) could make.

Also among the cast for this is Ke Huy Quan – aka Short Round from Temple Of Doom and Data from The GooniesJenny Slate and Stephanie Hsu. It’s currently down for release in the US from 25 March via A24 – which often means a bit of a wait for UK audiences. Here’s hoping that won’t be the case for this one, and we’ll be able to see this one (wait for it) everywhere, all at once.

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