The true story of Chevalier de Saint-Georges is a fascinating one, and it’s surprising that it’s taken this long for a full biopic to be in the works. Still, it’s at the casting stage, with Bohemian Rhapsody‘s Lucy Boynton aboard to play Marie Antoinette.

Watchmen TV director Stephen Williams is making the film working from a script pitched by Stefani Robinson. Born in 1745 in the French Caribbean, de Saint-Georges (Kelvin Harrison Jr. in the new film) was the illegitimate son of an African slave and a French plantation owner. He rose to improbable heights in French society, dazzling as both a violinist and composer and a champion fencer. An ill-fated love affair with a French noblewoman and a falling out with Marie Antoinette and her court led to his untimely downfall.

With Samara Weaving also in the cast as Marie-Josephine, and the film should be out next year via Searchlight.

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