At this point in his career, we pretty much know how Liam Neeson will deal with a problem: he will punch it. He’s taken down terrorists, whomped wolves and kicked kidnappers. But can he punch ice? And more importantly, should he? Find out in the trailer for The Ice Road.

Jonathan Hensleigh, a man with no small experience of his own in the action arena (as a filmmaker) writes and directs this one, which finds Neeson as a big-rig ice road driver called upon to help when a remote diamond mine collapses in the wintry wastes of far northern Canada.

With those in need hoping he knows more about driving over frozen oceans than just having watched a few episodes of Ice Road Truckers, he agrees to help, but discovers as a massive storm rolls in that the real threat may not be the elements after all… Hooray! Something he can actually hit!

Benjamin Walker, Amber Midthunder, Marcus Thomas and Laurence Fishburne co-star in the film, which will make its chilly way to Netflix on 25 June.

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