We’re celebrating the work of writer/director Edgar Wright in the current issue, all tied in to the release of his latest film, Last Night In Soho. And a new trailer for the psychedelic, psychological horror thriller is online, though as Edgar himself cautions, those who wish to go in knowing nothing are cautioned to maybe skip this one.

For those who still want to know something, Last Night In Soho stars Thomasin McKenzie as contemporary wannabe fashionista Eloise, who arrives in London to start work. Her life becomes mysteriously intertwined with that of her 1960s idol, singer Sandy (Anya Taylor-Joy). As Eloise explores more of what fate befell Sandy, she starts to act, and even look like her, and the darkness of the past creeps into the present.

With glorious cinematography from Chung-hoon Chung, the cast is loaded with great performers including Matt Smith, Jessie Mei Li, Diana Rigg and Terence Stamp.

Wright wrote the movie alongside Krysty Wilson-Cairns, and it’ll be in UK cinemas from 29 October.

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