Toiling away for years, Lashana Lynch is certainly seeing her hard work pay off right now, what with a solid role in No Time To Die just the latest accomplishment. But despite her presence in a giant blockbuster, she hasn’t forgotten her theatrical roots, and crops up in the trailer for writer/director Debbie Tucker Green’s Ear For Eye.

Green here adapts her stage play for the screen, the story following different generations of British and American Black characters navigating their way through today’s society from front rooms to kitchens, to campuses and the streets.

The cast also includes the likes of David Gyasi, Tosin Cole, Demetri Goritsas, Carmen Monroe and Danny Sapani, and the themes explore include demonstrations vs direct action, violence vs non-violence, personal vs structural.

Ear For Eye poster

Ear For Eye will premiere at the BFI London Film Festival, on BBC Two and the iPlayer in the UK on 16 October.

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