Sex and race are often explored in period dramas in a way that reflects upon the idea that little has changed in the years since. Lapwing is an example of that, and the trailer is online.

The story, written by Laura Turner and directed by Philip Stevens, follows nonverbal Patience (Hannah Douglas), who falls in love with a ‘gypsy’ Rumi, played by Sebastian De Souza, much to the displeasure of her overbearing brother-in-law, David (Emmett J Scanlan).

The Egyptian Act has been passed, stipulating that all ‘gypsies’ must vacate England immediately and anyone found aiding them could be executed. In exchange for a fee, David agrees to help an Egyptian family who must stay a month on their land until a ship comes to take them away. The others in the community tolerate this decision, hoping it could lead them to a more prosperous life. But when Patience pursues an affair with one of the outsiders, she is thrust into a violent and vicious psychological battle with David, who sees her actions as a direct rebellion, and a threat to the power he desperately wants to maintain over the community…

Lapwing Poster

The film will be out in the UK on 26 November.

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