Wes Anderson, in addition to the core acting ensemble he routinely employs, is never above adding people to his films that he has less experience with (or, like Tom Hanks for this new movie, has never worked with). For his latest film, with its title still under wraps, he’s now bringing on a veteran of his work in Jason Schwartzman and a relative newcomer in Rupert Friend.

The latter isn’t totally new – he’ll crop up as part of the sprawling cast for Anderson’s The French Dispatch, which finally arrives in a couple of months – but this will mark only his second film for the director.

Anderson kicked off shooting this week in Spain with old hands Adrien Brody, Bill Murray and Tilda Swinton supplemented by Hanks and Margot Robbie. No details have emerged as to who anyone is playing or the story, but you know it’ll feature the director’s trademark tightly composed style and probably lashings of whimsy.

The French Dispatch, meanwhile, arrives in UK cinemas on 22 October.

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