Though it triggers the Remake Alert, the presence of original director Christian Carion at the helm of thriller re-work My Son does at least inspire a little more hope. Check out James McAvoy and Claire Foy in the trailer…

While the idea of working without a full script might seem like a nightmare for an actor (though it can often happen on big films that are rewritten as they shoot), that concept is baked into the idea of Carion’s 2017 thriller and this new version. McAvoy plays Edmond Murray, who gets a tearful call from his ex-wife (Foy) saying their 7-year-old son has gone missing. It soon becomes clear their child was kidnapped, and he journeys through a town where his wife lives in search of answers.

McAvoy was given no script, no specific dialogue and was only aware of basic plot details for his character. The remaining cast and crew was fully aware of everything that was about to happen to him, which added to the tension. And, from the introduction he offers in the trailer, McAvoy clearly relished the working method.

In the States, the film will now stream exclusively on Universal’s Peacock service from 15 September. The UK release is muddier, though given the recent deal for Sky to carry Peacock over here, it’s plausible that it’ll pop up there, though the service doesn’t have a launch date yet.

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