There has been an idea to do a new take on swords ‘n’ immortality action-adventure franchise Highlander for years now, with a revolving door of potential actors and directors. Currently, it is in the hands of John Wick‘s Chad Stahelski and now none other than Henry Cavill is in early talks to nab a lead role.

Quite what Cavill – who, after all, has had plenty of recent sword training thanks to his work on Netflix’s The Witcher – will be playing is unknown for now, but he could be joining the clan Macleod.

Kerry Williamson wrote the script for the new film, which will once more explore the franchise created by the 1986 original, starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery. How will it continue (or reinvent) the mythology of immortal warriors who battle for superiority with the credo that there can be only one? That’s yet to be seen, but with Stahelski comes the stunt and action expertise of 87Eleven, so you know the set pieces are going to be epic…

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