Because a few of you demanded it, here it is: the Empire Podcast’s breakdown of the brand-new trailer for Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. Join Chris Hewitt, Helen O’Hara, Amon Warmann, and Ben Travis as they go frame-by-frame through the new trailer, and the 30-second Super Bowl TV spot, as if it’s the Zapruder film. Features: wild speculation and rumour-mongering, much of which will no doubt be proved incorrect when the film opens in May.

So, cue up the trailer on a device of your choice (hopefully not the same one on which you’re listening to the pod), and prepare to enter a new world of gods and monsters. Sorry, wrong cinematic universe!

Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts or the pod app of your choice – or via the PlanetRadio player above.

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